Photo by Irrelephant Blog


I am a firm believer of beauty, adventure, and love. I love to create beautiful things as much as I love to see other people enjoy them. I also love to travel. The most I've grown was when I lived on 4 different continents within 4 years. 

I have many dreams, but my biggest aspiration is to have my own flower farm and shop. I believe flowers have the ability to comfort, encourage, and inspire others in all occasions of life. To me, they are the most beautiful language in the world.

I love things that are undeniably beautiful and from God. I love to catch sunrises and chase sunsets. I love to go out of my way to find a field of flowers. I love to share coffee with strangers who become friends. I love to see people pursue their dreams, with the encouragement of their loved ones. 

I currently live in Atlanta with my husband and our adorable Brindle rescues, Rain and Bruno. I do many different things but I have the most experience styling and coordinating weddings & events, creating flower crowns, and collaborating with other creatives. I hope to cross paths and work with you in one of these areas.