A Recap of 2016

2016 was another wonderful year of working with beautiful couples and a few cute babes! I worked on a record of 15 weddings, 2 Korean birthday "dohl" events, and other small projects in between. Even after flowering/coordinating so many weddings, I still get a flutter of excitement every time the big day comes around. Every couple's story is so different and I love that I get to be part of the start of their forever after. 

On another exciting note, I moved to Fort Collins, Colorado back in the fall with my husband and his best friend! It's different from Atlanta in a million ways, but the community here has been super friendly and welcoming like it was back home. I've been helping out with two amazing local boutiques and entering the world of wine + cheese through a family owned shop + bistro duo. I've also started volunteering at a local farm that grows produce and flowers, so I'm inching my way closer to learning more about the flower farming industry so I can make my ultimate dream come true. Colorado has been the perfect canvas for coloring new ideas, dreams, and aspirations. The mountains humble me every day, and the skies give me hope for the future. I'm thankful every waking moment for the opportunity to live in such a beautiful place. 

To jump back to the recap, here are a few images from the wonderful events I had the pleasure of working on.

Gloria Andrew Wedding-Bride Groom Portaits-0260.jpg

A Recap of 2015

2015 was a big year. I reached my goal of styling/coordinating/doing florals for 12 weddings and had already booked 10 more for 2016. (whaaaat?!) It's such a blessing and joy to continue doing what I love, and I am so grateful for all my amazing clients who trust me with their vision!

To recap all the beautiful couples I had the opportunity to work with in 2015, here is a visual recap of their special days. I'm planning on updating the portfolio section of my site, so check back again soon!

Photo Credits: 1 + 2 by Sooji Kimn, 3 by Bri McDaniel, 4 by Yellow Bird Visuals, 5 by The Hons Photography, 6 by Mike Moon, 7 by Three Pennies, 8 by Rebekah J. Murray, 9 by Our Labor of Love, 10 by Craig Obrist, 11 by Alison Kim

Judy's Bridal Shower

Oh, what a beautiful day. The weather, the atmosphere, the food and drinks, witnessing the relationships between friends and kin. 

It was such an honor to style the bridal shower of my dear friend, Judy. We used to be roommates for a year and a half and since then, our friendship has blossomed most beautifully. I always found it hard to find really good friends after you graduate college, but her friendship is a testament that it is possible. She stood by my side as a bridesmaid for my wedding, and now I have the privilege to be her wedding stylist and bridesmaid. 

When I think of Judy, I immediately think of good food in good company. It only makes sense that she founded a curated supper club called Purpospoon "where Atlanta innovators can get together to have meaningful conversations over a great meal." I attended her first dinner and was blown away by her passion for social innovation and helping the community around her. 

Since I knew she loved small and intimate environments, I immediately thought of using her new courtyard for her shower. And since she loves food, I had the idea of incorporating herbs into all the details. I created herb crowns for all her guests, and decorated with herbs in vases and the wooden utensil sets. A group of us also bought her this beautiful Rifle Paper Co recipe box where guests wrote her their favorite recipes. We also asked the guests to bring a vintage vessel or tea tin so that she could have them be a part of her wedding centerpiece to create a more personal touch. As shower favors, we created little lavender seed packets stamped with their wedding logo. 

It was such a fun process dreaming up different ways of delighting and cherishing our dear unicorn bride. And of course, it wouldn't have been possible without her MOH, Yvette, and all the other girls who helped prepare the food/drinks! Below are a few photos captured by the amazing Sooji Kimn who will also be shooting the wedding! 

Year One

This Sunday will mark a year of marriage that I celebrate with my husband. It has flown by way too quickly, and although there were some moments where I wish I could have fast forwarded, there were definitely more moments that I wish I could have paused, rewinded, and replayed over and over.

It has been a year that I will cherish forever. We started off with almost nothing in the bank and though that is nothing to brag about, I feel like we have come such a long way while being joyful through it all. God has continued to provide for us in ways that we can't even fathom, and has led us through some of the toughest situations. We have shared so many laugh attacks about things that weren't even that funny, and have pursued our dreams and passions while supporting each other. I remember Pastor David (our officiant) advised us during pre-marital counseling not to start anything new in our first year of marriage. Only a few months after we got married, we adopted a new puppy, Kit began to pursue OATH more passionately, and I started a flower subscription business. Although it was great advice and will probably apply to most couples, I always knew Kit and I would be a little different and those were things that we definitely would not have changed. 

We've received a lot of advice as newlyweds, but one thing that no one really tells you is that you are marrying more than one person. You are committing and exchanging vows with the person they were in the past, who they are in the present, and who they will become in the future. The person I first started dating almost 6 years ago is not the same person I married last year. And the person I married last year is not the same person that I'm with today. I think once I identified that, it has changed my perspective on what commitment and love really means. It doesn't mean to act and say things out of emotion, but to truly think of ways to support the man that my husband is becoming. 

I know it's only been a year and I'm sure the challenges will become even greater as the years progress, but if this year was any indication of what our future will look like, I know it will be amazing. 

Hello forever, Stumb. 

Press: AJC's Living In Town Magazine

I recently had the amazing opportunity to share a little bit of my story with the AJC's new local magazine, Living In Town. The interview and photo shoot took place months ago, but it has finally been released in the spring issue. You can read the whole interview on pages 82-84 and if you're in Atlanta. you can pick up a copy at any of these locations.

(The only disclaimer I give is that I graduated from Northeastern University, not UGA)