The Bouquet Project | 1

As a new and self-taught florist, I find myself looking for new opportunities to practice my floral skills. Since weddings, events, and photo shoots don't occur on a regular basis, I decided to dedicate some personal time to create bouquets. I'm calling it "The Bouquet Project" and as it sounds, I'm going to create a bouquet every few weeks and collaborate with different photographers to capture them. I made one about a week ago and asked the talented Johnny Cheng to shoot it for me. I bought some dahlias from the farmer's market, used some leftover flowers from another event, and foraged some greenery from my backyard. He did such a great job capturing all the details! And he even deconstructed it to make the lovely photo all the way in the bottom. 

Looking forward to experimenting with more bouquets and working with more photographers!!