So Worth Loving

Two summers ago, I participated in ICE for my Flower Crown Society booth. It was my first market ever, so as I was creating flower crowns and preparing my booth set up, I was filled with emotions ranging from anxiety to doubt. I had no idea what to expect and wondered if people would even buy my handmade crowns. It was a two-day market and after most of the first day was over, I was feeling a little discouraged. I didn't do as well as I expected, especially compared to my neighbors who seemed to be pro at markets and handling customers. I kept comparing myself to them, even though they were years and handfuls of markets ahead of me. As I was wallowing in my discouragement, two bright and cheerful young women came over to my booth asking if they could buy some crowns. They represented a lifestyle clothing brand called So Worth Loving, and one of them was the founder, Eryn. I was blown away by their contagious energy and the positivity they radiated with every word and action. They immediately put on the crowns after purchasing them and even wore them again the next day. Apparently, they sent quite a few people over to my booth, encouraging them to support me! I hardly knew them, but knew there an instant connection that both of our brands represented. Although I don't always advertise my purpose behind Flower Crown Society, it is to remind young women that they should be confident in who they are, and wearing crowns is just a small way to do that and to feel beautiful and brave while doing so. And as the name suggests, So Worth Loving is a brand that promotes self-worth and love. Their manifesto is:

No matter my history, past mistakes, relationship status, or career choice, I am worthy of love. I am not defined by my past. I am prepared because of it. While my own voice and others may tell me different, I will lean into the safe people that affirm this way of thinking. When I encourage others to love themselves I am encouraging them to treat themselves with kindness, patience, respect, and all that embodies love. We live our life knowing we have worth. So Worth Loving. It’s a lifestyle.

Eryn and I have stayed good friends since then and I am still blown away by her optimism and energy. I'm super thankful she started So Worth Loving so that her and her team can remind thousands of people that they are worthy of love, even if it may seem like the world is against them. One day, they'll realize they ARE worthy of love and then continue to spread the message. It's a beautiful brand and definitely worth supporting. And even despite me being super camera shy, I was so honored and thrilled when Eryn asked me to model a few tanks. I'll do anything to support them ;) 

Photography: Yellow Bird Visuals | Hair & Makeup: Stacy Oh | Necklaces: Crafts & Love