10 Goals for 2015

After some sweet reflections last week, I've been looking towards this new year with lots of hope and excitement. Since I have such high hopes for 2015, I decided to make a list of goals I can strive towards. Lists always help me narrow down my priorities and also hold me accountable at the same time. These goals are a mix of personal and business. 

1. Blog at least once a week. 

Once a week doesn't seem that frequent at all, but this would be a huge step for me since my posts are a bit infrequent. I've always loved following other lifestyle bloggers who specialized in certain areas, such as graphic design or fashion. I hope to bring some of my knowledge in the event and floral industry to create some valuable content for the blog. I also want to be more personal and transparent, since that is what I tend to love about my favorite bloggers. 

2. Style/coordinate 12 weddings

Last year was the busiest year for me, wedding wise. I was able to either style or coordinate (or sometimes both!) for 7 weddings throughout the year. This year, I hope to reach 12. 

3. Reach 50 flower subscription members 

It has only been a short two months since I officially launched my flower subscription service for Atlanta residents, but I am currently at 27 members. I'm looking forward to expanding during the big holidays, such as Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. 

4. Hire an assistant

I recently put out my feelers within my network looking for some part-time help. In addition to all my work on this site, I also run a small Etsy shop called Flower Crown Society. My days look different everyday, but I am always scrambling for more time. I'm hoping to find someone who can help me expand all my businesses with their skills and expertise. 

5. Take 5 trips

Wanderlust is in my soul. I went from living on 4 different continents within 4 years to staying put in Atlanta for the past few years. I don't mean to dog on Atlanta since I have really grown to love it SO much, but I truly believe I come alive when I am experiencing a new environment for the first time. I already have 2 trips on the calendar (cottage trip with my husband next weekend and a trip to San Francisco with my besties in May). Hoping to add my long awaited east coast road trip this summer, and a few other fun locations to the list.

6. Exercise at least twice a week

I recently got added on to my in-laws' family plan at the gym, so it's been giving me a reason to go. It's also fun getting to exercise and spend time with my husband in his comfort zone. My recent goal has been to get in the best shape of my life, and I really mean it! Before children enter the picture, I want to take full advantage of being young, active, and having my own time. 

7. Be generous

This is a bit of a broad goal, but I hope to be more generous with my time, money, and energy. I tend to be a bit selective with where I place my efforts. This year, I hope to be more giving where it is needed, not only where I think it would be a "good investment."

8. More collaborations

Collaborating with other creatives and brands is probably my favorite part of doing what I do. I've had the honor of working with such incredible people in the past and I hope to only keep growing in this area. 

9. Be more positive

Over the years, I realized a lot of people have considered me a morning person since I seem to be more optimistic than most. But in reality, I am a night owl and I usually tend to take the half glass empty perspective at first. I've been training myself to be more optimistic over the years and this year will be no exception. I hope to strive towards more positive thinking and less negativity. 

10. Be faithful

I can openly admit I wouldn't be where I am today without God, my family, and friends. I truly believe there is a greater picture of my life that I am completely unaware of. I just need to be faithful to where I am and who I'm with, and trust that I will be where I need to be in the end. 

Do you guys have any big goals this year? Would love to hear a few so we can keep each other accountable!