Judy's Bridal Shower

Oh, what a beautiful day. The weather, the atmosphere, the food and drinks, witnessing the relationships between friends and kin. 

It was such an honor to style the bridal shower of my dear friend, Judy. We used to be roommates for a year and a half and since then, our friendship has blossomed most beautifully. I always found it hard to find really good friends after you graduate college, but her friendship is a testament that it is possible. She stood by my side as a bridesmaid for my wedding, and now I have the privilege to be her wedding stylist and bridesmaid. 

When I think of Judy, I immediately think of good food in good company. It only makes sense that she founded a curated supper club called Purpospoon "where Atlanta innovators can get together to have meaningful conversations over a great meal." I attended her first dinner and was blown away by her passion for social innovation and helping the community around her. 

Since I knew she loved small and intimate environments, I immediately thought of using her new courtyard for her shower. And since she loves food, I had the idea of incorporating herbs into all the details. I created herb crowns for all her guests, and decorated with herbs in vases and the wooden utensil sets. A group of us also bought her this beautiful Rifle Paper Co recipe box where guests wrote her their favorite recipes. We also asked the guests to bring a vintage vessel or tea tin so that she could have them be a part of her wedding centerpiece to create a more personal touch. As shower favors, we created little lavender seed packets stamped with their wedding logo. 

It was such a fun process dreaming up different ways of delighting and cherishing our dear unicorn bride. And of course, it wouldn't have been possible without her MOH, Yvette, and all the other girls who helped prepare the food/drinks! Below are a few photos captured by the amazing Sooji Kimn who will also be shooting the wedding!