Dreaming of Pretty Kitchen Shelves

As much as I love for things to be structured and in order, I tend to be on the more free-spirited side of organization. I love beautiful messes. Contrasts between old and new. Polished and rustic. Mismatched textures and materials. 

Here are a few pretty kitchen shelves I'm currently dreaming of...

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Dreaming of Outdoor Dinner Parties

For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to host beautiful, whimsical, and genuine outdoor dinner parties. With our rental home, it's been doable with our huge fenced backyard so we just put together mismatched tables and chairs, and have some friends come over for dinner. But last summer and fall were fleeting so I definitely didn't host as many dinner parties as I would've liked. I'm hoping to be more proactive about it when the weather gets warmer in Atlanta. Looking forward to new friendships blossoming over dinner, trying out fun recipes, and styling tablescapes + florals.

Here are some images I have collected over the years for inspiration: