A Recap of 2016

2016 was another wonderful year of working with beautiful couples and a few cute babes! I worked on a record of 15 weddings, 2 Korean birthday "dohl" events, and other small projects in between. Even after flowering/coordinating so many weddings, I still get a flutter of excitement every time the big day comes around. Every couple's story is so different and I love that I get to be part of the start of their forever after. 

On another exciting note, I moved to Fort Collins, Colorado back in the fall with my husband and his best friend! It's different from Atlanta in a million ways, but the community here has been super friendly and welcoming like it was back home. I've been helping out with two amazing local boutiques and entering the world of wine + cheese through a family owned shop + bistro duo. I've also started volunteering at a local farm that grows produce and flowers, so I'm inching my way closer to learning more about the flower farming industry so I can make my ultimate dream come true. Colorado has been the perfect canvas for coloring new ideas, dreams, and aspirations. The mountains humble me every day, and the skies give me hope for the future. I'm thankful every waking moment for the opportunity to live in such a beautiful place. 

To jump back to the recap, here are a few images from the wonderful events I had the pleasure of working on.

Gloria Andrew Wedding-Bride Groom Portaits-0260.jpg

Year One

This Sunday will mark a year of marriage that I celebrate with my husband. It has flown by way too quickly, and although there were some moments where I wish I could have fast forwarded, there were definitely more moments that I wish I could have paused, rewinded, and replayed over and over.

It has been a year that I will cherish forever. We started off with almost nothing in the bank and though that is nothing to brag about, I feel like we have come such a long way while being joyful through it all. God has continued to provide for us in ways that we can't even fathom, and has led us through some of the toughest situations. We have shared so many laugh attacks about things that weren't even that funny, and have pursued our dreams and passions while supporting each other. I remember Pastor David (our officiant) advised us during pre-marital counseling not to start anything new in our first year of marriage. Only a few months after we got married, we adopted a new puppy, Kit began to pursue OATH more passionately, and I started a flower subscription business. Although it was great advice and will probably apply to most couples, I always knew Kit and I would be a little different and those were things that we definitely would not have changed. 

We've received a lot of advice as newlyweds, but one thing that no one really tells you is that you are marrying more than one person. You are committing and exchanging vows with the person they were in the past, who they are in the present, and who they will become in the future. The person I first started dating almost 6 years ago is not the same person I married last year. And the person I married last year is not the same person that I'm with today. I think once I identified that, it has changed my perspective on what commitment and love really means. It doesn't mean to act and say things out of emotion, but to truly think of ways to support the man that my husband is becoming. 

I know it's only been a year and I'm sure the challenges will become even greater as the years progress, but if this year was any indication of what our future will look like, I know it will be amazing. 

Hello forever, Stumb. 


Hi there!

My name is Allison Song. 

About four years ago, I graduated with a degree in marketing from Northeastern and completed 3 co-ops in different industries. But I didn't feel like I belonged in the corporate world. Breaking the traditional track that my peers tread, I went on a quest to find what I loved and to pursue it. It was one of the most difficult decisions of my life. I knew I would have to give up financial stability, corporate establishment, and a secure future. But the moment I realized I loved weddings and flowers more than those things, I knew I would have to go all in. It wasn't an easy process, but I was lucky enough to have been given opportunities to intern for and collaborate with some of the most amazing wedding creatives in Atlanta. I have learned a lot over the past four years and have even had to go back to corporate jobs to sustain myself, but I am as sure as I was back then that I have realized my calling. 

There is something about making beautiful things for others and seeing them enjoy it. It is a feeling mixed with excitement, fulfillment, and encouragement. I have had the privilege of working on various weddings, photo shoots, and events, and that feeling never, ever gets old. It is one of those things I live for.

Of course, I would have never reached this point if it weren't for the support of my family and friends. Instead of being criticized for not choosing the safe route in life, I was championed by my loved ones to go after my dreams. Ever after all these years, they still hear me daydream about new ideas and they are constantly supportive. I am beyond grateful for such a blessing. 

My hope is to continue to pursue the things I love, even if they change forms over the years. I want to be able to encourage others to do the same, not because it's easy or glamorous, but because it is who they are created to be. 

To end, one of my favorite quotes: 

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." -Eleanor Roosevelt